Non-NHS (Private) Services

Non-NHS (Private) Services


Examination Price £
Routine / Emergency Examination 55
Review appointment 20
Small digital X-Ray 6
Study models 50
Advanced / 2nd Opinion Assessment from 60
Hygiene services
Hygienist visit (30min) 50
Additional 15min 25
Amalgam (depending on number of surfaces) from 60
Composite (depending on number of surfaces) from 100
Temporary filling 25
Surgical treatments
Treatment of infected socket 40
Surgical extraction from 100
Composite from 300
Gold from 300
Ceramic from 400
Per unit (depending on type) 350 - 700
Ceramic 500-800
Porcelain Bonded 450-550
Core build-up with fibre post 100-200
Re-cement crown 40
Partial Acrylic from 500
Full Acrylic from 900
Chrome Cobalt from 900
Ceramic Veneer from 400
Composite Veneer from 250
Tooth Whitening (home kit) 300
Tooth Whitening (walk-in) from 400
Consultation & treatment plan 100-200
Implants from 1,900
Periodontal services by Specialist Periodontist
Initial assessment including X-Rays 120
Non-surgical treatment per quadrant 180-300
Re-assessment 90
Maintenance 60 - 95
Endodontic Treatment by dentist with special training
Initial assessment 70
Further investigation 85
Root canal treatment on Incisor / Canine 400
Root canal treatment on Premolar 500
Root canal treatment on Molar 600
Re-root canal treatment on Incisor / Canine 550
Re-root canal treatment on Premolar 650
Re-root canal treatment on Molar 750
New patients

You can download and complete the medical questionnaire and bring with you to your first appointment. The dentist will then talk you through the medical information you have provided ensuring that anything of relevance is noted on your computer file.


Patients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, as they cannot give consent or sign for their treatment.